3DL 800
The modern standard in high-performance upwind sails

3DL 800 upwind sails feature 100% Flex-Balanced™ Carbon yarn construction. Used by Grand Prix racing teams worldwide for their exceptional shapeholding, they set the modern standard for high performance upwind sails.

Not all carbon fiber is created equal,and North's proprietary Flex-Balanced carbon delivers a unique balance of the low stretch carbon is renowned for with improved flexibility for extended sail life.

3DL 800 sails can also be ordered with additional single- or double-sided North TF™ taffeta films in white orgray (double-sided only) for improved toughness.

3DL 800 contains 100% North Flex-Balanced carbon yarn for lighter weight and even lower stretch for mid-to-large sized racers and one designs.

Product Highlights
  • Sophisticated North Grand-Prix yarn layouts
  • North's proprietary Flex-Balanced Carbon yarn delivers low stretch carbon performance with improved flexibility for extended sail life.
  • Made with North's unique Flex-Balanced Carbon yarn, which combines low stretch and improved flexibility.
  • Available in 100% Flex-Balanced Carbon.

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3DL 800 sails feature 100% carbon yarn.
3DL 800 Features - Mainsails & Headsails
  • 3DL thermo-molded construction
  • 100% North Flex-Balanced carbon yarn
  • Clear film and clear aramid scrim, Performance Films available
  • Loose-footed main with Integral Foot Skirt for shape and control
  • Luff customized to mast/boom or headstay system (except for custom luff cars)
  • Cuben Fiber patches and finishing
  • Stainless steel round rings (Titanium if loads indicate a better fit) and Rutgerson press rings
  • RBS epoxy “E-glass” battens
  • Pockets with 3Di tie in closure
  • Cunningham adjustment
  • Pre-stretched Technora or Vectran leechline and footline
  • Telltales
  • Drawstring sailbag
  • T1 taffeta in white and T2 taffeta in white or gray (double-sided only)
  • Higher roach profiles through added area
  • Custom yarn layouts
  • Custom reinforcements
  • Overhead leech cord
  • Reefs
  • Water Reef
  • Reef keepers and flaking handles
  • Full length battens
  • Flutter battens
  • Leech battens
  • RBS Carbon leech battens
  • RBS Carbon full length battens
  • Sail numbers
  • Country code
  • Insignia
  • Trim stripes/Glow Fast stripes
  • Photo and corner codes
  • Certified measurement
  • In-mast and in-boom roller furling yarn layouts
  • Clew block with Dacron UV corner cover on roller furling mainsails
  • Reinforced in boom furling construction
  • VB+ vertical battens
  • UV protection
  • SailKote Anti-Mildew Treatment
  • Custom, roll or zippered sausage bag
  • Telltale window
  • Leech, Full or VB+ vertical battens in any quantity or combination
  • RBS Carbon leech battens
  • Inflatable batten pockets
  • Customized patches, pads and reinforcements
  • Spreader and stanchion patches
  • Reef
  • Soft hanks
  • Soft clew
  • North Clewboard
  • T-ring clew
  • Adjustable head loop
  • Tack Snap Shackle
  • Sail numbers
  • Country code
  • Trim stripes/Glow Fast stripes
  • Photo and corner codes
  • Certified measurement
  • 3DL roller reefing layout and patches
  • Rope Luff Reefing Pad and patches
  • Reef
  • UV protection
  • SailKote Anti-Mildew Treatment
100% Flex-Balanced
carbon yarn construction