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The recent explosion in SuperYachts has, in part, been fueled by sail technology developed by North Sails. As pioneers in lightweight, low-stretch sail fabrics and 3-dimensionally molded sail technology, we have applied our unique technology and expertise to making big-boat sails that are significantly lighter, stronger and more durable. The result... large yachts that are as responsive and manageable as boats half their size. Big boats previously built for luxury, comfort and prestige now perform.

The North Advantage

  • Weight savings in rig and sails have a profound effect on SuperYacht design and performance. For a large yacht, using lighter sails is roughly equivalent to removing a Volkswagen from the rig. Lighter sails allow  ballast to be removed for improved performance or additional onboard equipment to be added without sacrificing performance.
  • Lighter sails significantly improve performance in lighter winds because the sail assumes its designed shape sooner.
  • Lower stretch sails maintain their designed shape over a broader wind range. The result is dramatically improved upwind performance over a broader wind range.
  • Lighter sails lower a boat’s center of gravity, reducing heeling and improving steering.
  • Lighter sails require less energy to trim, furl and stow.