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McLube SailKote Plus

McLube Sailkote is a wonderful product that reduces dirt build-up and improves the life of our customer’s sails. McLube Sailkote Plus is essentially the same product as its prececessor, Sailkote, except that it contains a fungicide that prevents mildew build-up. With reduced water absorption, mildew is not given the environment in which to develop.

Sailkote Plus was developed jointly by McLube and North Sails to be used on roller-furling sails and sails that spend long periods of time under sail covers on booms. McLube Sailkote and Sailkote Plus is recommended for 3DL® Marathon cruising sails as well as all laminates for improved longevity, visible condition, and sail handling.

A sailwash, Sailkote Plus combo works together to kill existing mildew and prevent further growth. There are many other benefits associated wth McLube Sailkote and Sailkote Plus including: 

  • Great for slide and batt-car performance
  • Luff ropes for R.F. and Tuff-luff sails slide much easier for hoisting and dousing
  • Tell-tales fly free and evenly when wet
  • Spinnakers are quicker out of the bag, and much smoother to jibe (asymmetrical)
  • Bonds tenaciously to sail cloth and laminates
  • Designed to repel water, salt, dirt, and grime
  • Reduces wear